September 25, 2017

We Will Tell the Story

By Brandon Thibodeaux

Artist: Brandon Thibodeaux

Project: In That Land of Perfect Day

Description: For the past eight years, photographer Brandon Thibodeaux has photographed and lived with families and communities in a roughly sixty square-mile swath of the northern Mississippi Delta, which includes the towns of Alligator, Bobo, and Duncan, as well as the United States’ oldest completely African-American municipality, Mound Bayou. An investigation of the rural black experience, Thibodeaux’s work is inspired by themes of faith and perseverance, which have subsisted in the region since Mound Bayou’s founding in 1887. Although this project investigates a specific area, Thibodeaux argues that “these themes of faith, identity, and perseverance are common to us all.” 

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