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Necessary Failure Thumbnail

Necessary Failure

She tries a few more no-but-where-are-you-REALLY-froms, then asks, “What’s your cultural heritage?” “Bangladeshi,” I say, relieved. She chortles, as though we have been playing a game of charades and she has just correctly interpreted my gestures. She exclaims: “I knew you were Middle Eastern!”
Department: LITERATURE
Poet With a New Attitude Thumbnail

Poet With a New Attitude

However, the sculpture of Roosevelt accompanied by the Indigenous American and enslaved African says something else to me: we helped make America—we are not its victims. We are its heroes. Even by the river in Nantes, I didn’t just feel sorrow. I felt glory.
Department: LITERATURE
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Adam Forrester Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Adam Forrester

These images are made within close proximity to the Chattahoochee Valley, which composes a portion of the border between Alabama and Georgia. Many of the images are prompted by specific memories I have from growing up in and around the Chattahoochee River.
Department: ART
Notes of a Native Daughter Thumbnail

Notes of a Native Daughter

“Growing up in the South,” my mother said, “you had to choose one: either white or black. I chose black. And that’s why we were alienated.”
Department: LITERATURE
Amy Evans: Art & Pie Thumbnail

Amy Evans: Art & Pie

This August, Amy C. Evans left her role as lead oral historian of the Southern Foodways Alliance, where, over the last twelve years, she conducted more than two-hundred individual interviews around the South and beyond.
Department: ART
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