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INTERVIEW: Inside the Chase Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: Inside the Chase

In her newest book, Do Not Sell at Any Price, OA contributor Amanda Petrusich takes a look at one of the quirkiest subcultures in the States: the niche of the 78rpm record collector.
Department: Interviews
Listen for the Night Booms Thumbnail

Listen for the Night Booms

Entire islands dissolved. Old trees stuck in the river bottom shot up like gigantic spring-loaded spears. A twenty- to thirty-foot pulse of water pushed backwards up the river; ghost ships, their crews mysteriously missing, came floating back down.
Department: LITERATURE
ISSUE 44: Our Own Monsters Thumbnail

ISSUE 44: Our Own Monsters

This gatorphobia is as centrally entrenched as all my basic knowledge: Fire is hot, water is cool; alligators are rapacious beasts sent from Hell to gorge themselves on the innards of innocent boys. It’s primal.
Department: Vault
The Collector Rebellion Thumbnail

The Collector Rebellion

Amanda Petrusich explores the madness in Do Not Sell At Any Price, a shotgun ride on the Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World’s Rarest 78rpm Records.
Department: MUSIC
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Justin Cook Thumbnail


Through moments, portraits, and landscapes, the series Made in Durham by Justin Cook explores the ways that violence, segregation and urban renewal affect African-American communities of this post-industrial city in the American South.
Department: ART
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