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SoLost: A Purse Museum & Neighborhood Revival Thumbnail

SoLost: A Purse Museum & Neighborhood Revival

Meet Anita Davis, the low-key, non-traditional force behind a Little Rock neighborhood's surprising revival. The experts call it creative placemaking. For Davis, revitalizing South Main Street in Little Rock takes passion, intuition, and lots of feminine power.
Department: SoLost
INTERVIEW: Post-Metamodern Sounds Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: Post-Metamodern Sounds

The best compliment I ever get is people coming up to me after shows and saying they hate country music, but they love what we’re doing. Because, I think, if it’s going to survive and progress and maintain any type of relevance in the future, you have to reach people that don’t even know what country music really is.
Department: MUSIC
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Kevin Kline Thumbnail


This week we feature New Orleans–based artist Kevin Kline. His series Someday You Will Be a Memory... is a quiet, considered study of the residents of several New Orleans neighborhoods.
Department: ART
Notes from a Balletomane Thumbnail

Notes from a Balletomane

The dancers keep falling. In other competitions, these gravitational mishaps are called crashes or stumbles, but here are the world’s ballet elite: even when they fall, they are graceful. Contestants from South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Russia, and the United States appear before us and, as if cursed en masse, crumple on the landing of a grande jete or stumble emerging from a bombastic blur of pirouettes.
Department: LITERATURE
Playlist: John Henry and Friends Thumbnail

Playlist: John Henry and Friends

“Guitar Drag” is its own ballad of racial injustice. As a companion to the essay, Marcus offers this playlist, his choice of the versions of the song “John Henry” that stand out among the others.
Department: MUSIC
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