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The Fantasy of Objectivity Thumbnail

The Fantasy of Objectivity

I am aware of the shortcomings of my work. I may not be the photographer you want me to be, but my work exists to generate a conversation—a mission it has not failed in yet.
Department: ART
The Historical and the Poetic Thumbnail

The Historical and the Poetic

Commonality—the points where cultures merge and resemble one another—is seldom a focus of documentary photography. Instead, postmodernists, social documentarians, and fine artists scan landscapes for irony, visual juxtaposition—for otherness. To deny my desire for otherness in Appalachia would be dishonest; I’m painfully aware of the way my relationship with Mack was limited by my previously established understanding of the “snake handler."
Department: ART
Up the Creek Thumbnail

Up the Creek

While it may be true that a picture never lies, it is equally true that a picture is worth a thousand words, words that often contradict each other in their meanings.
Department: ART
Hell With the Lid Taken Off Thumbnail

Hell With the Lid Taken Off

For more than a century, Pittsburgh has existed in the shadow of its own industrial-age narrative. Like much of Appalachia, Pittsburgh is a place dogged by stereotypes and assumptions.
Department: ART
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