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INTERVIEW: The Great Invisible Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: The Great Invisible

An interview with Margaret Brown, whose ninety-two-minute documentary, The Great Invisible, chronicles the Deepwater oil spill, the worst spill in U.S. history.
Department: Interviews
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Brant Barrett Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Brant Barrett

For the past year I have been documenting the Santee Coastal Reserve, a Wildlife Management Area operated by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. This twenty-four thousand acre tract encompass some of the greatest bio-diversity on the east coast.
Department: ART
Still-life With Cornbread Thumbnail

Still-life With Cornbread

By the time he got to England, family in tow, he found he missed Southern cooking: “And then, for the first time, it felt okay to explore. In London, cleaning up Southern food from the way it’s viewed here is inherently unique and innovative."
Department: FOOD
BOOK REVIEW: Alice + Freda Forever Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Alice + Freda Forever

In her debut, author Alexis Coe ventured into a city of monumental history and unearthed a long forgotten tale. Alice + Freda Forever: A Murder in Memphis, which came out in October, is the vital combination of a sensational story and a remarkable treasure of historical research featuring lesbian lust, laudanum, and laceration.
Department: LITERATURE
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Fred Hirschman Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Fred Hirschman

Subjectively, it’s odd to think of “The South” as somewhere that starts past the edge of Ohio. As a northerner, the Virginias and other surrounding ‘southerly’ states were always somewhat reminiscent of what Ohio has to offer. From the Carolinas, and further south, is where I find the largest differentiations from the north in terms of the landscape both cultural and physical.
Department: ART
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