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EYES ON THE SOUTH: Cody Cobb Thumbnail


"These scenes were discovered while exploring dirt roads, abandonments, swamps, and pine forests of northwestern Louisiana, east Texas, and southern Arkansas."
Department: ART
PHOTO ESSAY: Louisiana, Purchased Thumbnail

PHOTO ESSAY: Louisiana, Purchased

For more than two decades, I have explored the ways in which this kind of class and racial discrimination is woven into our national cultural fabric, by photographing various supremacist organizations and those others who are the recipients of their actions.
Department: ART
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Michael Clausen Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Michael Clausen

This collection represents a small sample of the people and places I’ve discovered during my weekly photo walks in North Carolina. I dedicate time each week to capturing visual moments and documenting their place in history.
Department: ART
College Football Fables Thumbnail

College Football Fables

A black bear brought his cubs to his alma mater for a home game, and the cool autumn day was a tonic to his soul, despite the fact that a drunken, redneck ferret a few rows up kept screaming obscenities throughout the game, making remarks about the coach and the coach's female relatives that could not be repeated in the presence of a minister.
INTERVIEW: On the plate Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: On the plate

For me, food reflects patterns of power, love, family, loss. Large issues that the South has grappled with for centuries: it’s all there on the plate.
Department: Interviews
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