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ISSUE 69: Doctor Love's Secrets Thumbnail

ISSUE 69: Doctor Love's Secrets

I met Doc the day I moved into the building on Dauphine in June of 2006. He walked up wearing a bodysuit of the type that surfers wear. He was wet, and he had obviously been swimming or bathing, I introduced myself as a new tenant. In his huge baritone voice, he said, "Philip Turner, otherwise known as Doctor Love. Nice to meet you.”
Department: MUSIC
The Lost Music Town of Tennessee Thumbnail

The Lost Music Town of Tennessee

Nashville and Memphis lay legitimate claim as Tennessee’s music cities, but we have forgotten that at one time Chattanooga was a destination for some of the best music in the South. And Ninth Street, or the Big Nine, was where you went to find it.
Department: MUSIC
INTERVIEW: Inside the Chase Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: Inside the Chase

In her newest book, Do Not Sell at Any Price, OA contributor Amanda Petrusich takes a look at one of the quirkiest subcultures in the States: the niche of the 78rpm record collector.
Department: Interviews
The Collector Rebellion Thumbnail

The Collector Rebellion

Amanda Petrusich explores the madness in Do Not Sell At Any Price, a shotgun ride on the Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World’s Rarest 78rpm Records.
Department: MUSIC
ISSUE 85: Black Patti 8030 Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: Black Patti 8030

After Bussard felt I’d been sufficiently wowed by the sight of it, he pulled the 78 from its paper sleeve, laid it on his turntable, and wiped the surface with a record cleaning brush that resembled a blackboard eraser.
Department: MUSIC
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