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ISSUE 81: The Bottom of the River Haw Thumbnail

ISSUE 81: The Bottom of the River Haw

I’d never seen the river Haw was named after, but it felt right, going there with Taylor. Place is paramount in his work, as are what he calls “internal landscapes”—the facts of how we exist in the world, in relation to those around us. While we waited for coffee at a roastery on the outskirts of town, I asked Taylor, who was born and reared in California, if he ever self-identified as a Southern artist.
Department: MUSIC
INTERVIEW: Post-Metamodern Sounds Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: Post-Metamodern Sounds

The best compliment I ever get is people coming up to me after shows and saying they hate country music, but they love what we’re doing. Because, I think, if it’s going to survive and progress and maintain any type of relevance in the future, you have to reach people that don’t even know what country music really is.
Department: MUSIC
Playlist: John Henry and Friends Thumbnail

Playlist: John Henry and Friends

“Guitar Drag” is its own ballad of racial injustice. As a companion to the essay, Marcus offers this playlist, his choice of the versions of the song “John Henry” that stand out among the others.
Department: MUSIC
ISSUE 86: Guitar Drag Thumbnail

ISSUE 86: Guitar Drag

In John Henry Days, and in history, this event can be seen—heard—as an unsinging of “John Henry,” with the black man stripped of his hammer, chained to the steam drill, and pulled through the tunnel like a coal car. It’s an argument that any lynching of a black American is an unsinging of “John Henry.”
Department: MUSIC
ISSUE 69: Doctor Love's Secrets Thumbnail

ISSUE 69: Doctor Love's Secrets

I met Doc the day I moved into the building on Dauphine in June of 2006. He walked up wearing a bodysuit of the type that surfers wear. He was wet, and he had obviously been swimming or bathing, I introduced myself as a new tenant. In his huge baritone voice, he said, "Philip Turner, otherwise known as Doctor Love. Nice to meet you.”
Department: MUSIC
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