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Meals to Remember, Moments to Savor

Some of our favorite memories take place around the table, where friends and family come together to celebrate good food and good fortune. In Kentucky, those memories are seasoned by talented chefs who are creating a buzz-worthy food scene that is making everyone take notice. A scene that honors the past, embraces the future and helps you make the most of the present.

Come gather around our table to see why it’s Better in the Bluegrass.


Kentucky is full of creative and talented chefs who love sharing the state’s rich culinary history by preserving age-old recipes and offering modern takes on the classics – always with mouthwatering results. Come hear their stories, see them in action and savor their creations, both traditional and contemporary.

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From spicy goetta sausage and beer cheese to bubbling burgoo and bourbon balls, Kentucky’s talented chefs serve up an authentic taste of the Bluegrass at restaurants across the state. We snagged delicious recipes from some of the best and created a series of videos showing you how to make them at home. So tie on your apron, grab a pan and you’ll be creating your own Bluegrass favorites in no time!

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Restaurants at nine Kentucky State Parks are offering special regional meals celebrating the traditional dishes and culinary heritage of our state. Pick up a Culinary Passport and sample all of these unique flavors. Once your passport is stamped at all nine parks, you’ll receive a free gift!


It’s Better in the Bluegrass. Start planning your culinary getaway today at www.BetterintheBluegrass.com.