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The Best Place in America to Grab a Drink

You read that right. Lexington, Kentucky is hands-down the Best Place in America to Grab a Drink. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof…

Bourbon, America’s Native Spirit, was first distilled right in our backyard, making this the true Birthplace of Bourbon.

Nine of the world’s most famous bourbon distilleries are located within 35 miles of our downtown. We’re home to distilling powerhouses like Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and Woodford Reserve, to name a few. Here, Pappy Van Winkle, W. L. Weller, and E.H. Taylor are more than just household names, they’re part of the family.

In Lexington, every bar is a bourbon bar. Some of America’s best mixologists have flocked to Lexington and are hard at work crafting award-winning cocktails.

Our craft beer scene is alive with inventive breweries like Country Boy, Alltech, Ethereal, West Sixth, and Mirror Twin. And you can taste them all on our celebrated Brewgrass Trail, featuring twelve unique breweries in the area.

But a good drink is about more than just what’s in your glass. In Lexington, you’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful farmland in the world, with a vibrant small-town atmosphere and a community that welcomes you to experience everything we love about our city. So don’t just take our word for it. Get here, grab a drink with us and see for yourself.

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The World's Most Award-Winning Distillery

Pay a visit to Buffalo Trace Distillery, the world’s most award-winning distillery, to tour the sprawling rick houses where rows upon rows of bourbon barrels age for up to 23 years. In addition to its signature brands, Buffalo Trace has more than 3,000 experimental bourbons aging on its premises.

Every Bar is a Bourbon Bar

In Lexington, our bar shelves are stocked with the finest, and often rarest, bourbons in the world. Some of the most legendary bourbon watering holes are found here, such as Bluegrass Tavern, which is regularly recognized as one of the Best Bourbon Bars in the South and carries more than 450 bourbons on its shelves.

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The Horse Capital of the World

With 450 neighboring horse farms, Lexington is the center of the international Thoroughbred-breeding universe. Take a field trip to Horse Country and tour a famous stud farm, or visit Keeneland, a world-renowned racecourse and National Historic Landmark.

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Beyond Grits

We’ve been farm-to-table since 1775. And right now, Lexington’s culinary scene is on fire, with new restaurants, cafés, food trucks and bistros popping up at every turn. We’ve also got a knack for incorporating bourbon into our food, with bourbon-infused dishes ranging from ice cream to entrees and more.

“Lexington chefs are really incorporating local agriculture and bourbon into their cooking—the things that make Kentucky, Kentucky.” –Ouita Michel, renowned Lexington chef and restaurateur.

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