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The Horse Capital of the World

Drive in any direction and you’ll soon be surrounded by rolling hills of pristine bluegrass countryside. You’ll pass horses grazing carefree in the fields and farms with names like Calumet and Claiborne. Because this is Horse Country, the center of the Thoroughbred breeding universe and the Horse Capital of the World. 

Champion racehorses, like Triple Crown winner American Pharoah, are bred here, born here, raised here and raced here. At the renowned Keeneland Race Course, American Pharoah completed the first Grand Slam in Thoroughbred racing history, capturing the Breeders’ Cup Classic before retiring to breed at a nearby farm. 

The best way to experience the Horse Capital of the World is through Horse Country Tours. Visit retired Kentucky Derby winners at Old Friends Farm, see the world’s most successful breeding operations and marvel at the glorious life of a stallion. Afterwards, head to town to see what the local humans are up to (we won’t bite, promise). 

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There’s Something in the Water 

The secret to Lexington’s pastoral beauty and iconic Thoroughbred industry lies beneath the landscape. A foundation of limestone rock enriches the soil that grows the bluegrass that nourishes the horses. It also filters our natural springs and water systems, which provides a pure, iron-free ingredient for another signature industry, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 

The Best Place in America to Grab a Drink 

Nine famous bourbon distilleries within 35 minutes of downtown. A thriving craft beer scene with twelve unique breweries along the Brewgrass Trail. Vineyards dotting the countryside and coffee shops sprinkled throughout the city. It’s easy to see why Lexington is known as The Best Place in America to Grab a Drink. 

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Farm-to-Table Since 1775 

World-class racehorses aren’t the only things that grow strong around here. Local farms have been supplying Lexington restaurants with farm-to-table ingredients since before it was cool. As of late, there’s been a culinary renaissance, earning Lexington the designation as one of Zagat’s “30 Most Exciting Food Cities in America 2017.” 

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We Like to Paint the Town 

From the backroads to the city streets, a little inspiration can be found anywhere you look in Lexington. Stop by one of several art museums or see how many of our 30+ murals you can spot around downtown, starting with the world’s largest mural of Abraham Lincoln. 

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