Gabriel Daniel Solis

Gabriel Daniel Solis is from a small Texas town. When he’s not writing about history, culture, and philosophy, he works as a post-conviction mitigation investigator on behalf of death-sentenced defendants and runs the Texas After Violence Project, a restorative justice organization that documents the impacts of violence and trauma on families and communities. He lives in Austin.

September 05, 2017

Hunting season swept through my hometown with the crisp northern winds that sent leaves and trash dancing down King Street, near the Old Spanish Trail. In late fall, the town’s annual hunters’ gathering—Buck Fever—packed the county fairgrounds with guns and taxidermy and families wearing matching camouflage outfits, scents of damp hay and manure and hot funnel cakes swirling together in the cool dry air. It seemed like everyone in Seguin went to Buck Fever, and even though we weren’t real hunters, my family went, too.