Issue 67, Winter 2009

The Arkansas Music Issue

“So many intensely talented musicians have sprung from Arkansas soil that they can seem numberless. So many. Too many?” — Editor’s Note

Featuring the music of Barbara Lynn, Bukka White, Linda Martell, Gil Scott-Heron, Olen Bingham, Si Khan, “Bongo Joe,” Feufollet, and more.

Contributors include Walton Muyumba, Sheila Heti, Jamie Quatro, Betsy Shepherd, Will Clarke, Susannah Felts, Beth Ann Fennelly, Anne Gisleson and others.


Departments & Columns


Editor’s Box
by Marc Smirnoff


South Toward Home
by Warwick Sabin


Dealer’s Choice
by Hal Crowther


I Don’t Hate It!
by Jack Pendarvis


After the Storm
by Anne Gisleson


by Christa Smith Anderson





by Jeff Fallis


by Doug Van Gundy


by R.T. Smith


by Greg Brownderville



CD 1: Southern Masters


Barbara Lynn
by Bill Friskics-Warren


The Jubilee Humming Birds
by Bruce Eaton


Linda Martell
by Alice Randall


Sonny Burgess
by Derek Jenkins


Bukka White
by Ed Ward
by Wright Thompson


Fern Jones
by Steve Klinge


Memphis Slim & His Orchestra
by Matthew Duersten
by RJ Wheaton


Si Khan
by Charlie Bertsch


Andre Williams
by Alex V. Cook


“Mississippi” Charles Bevel
by Nick Rombes


Caroline Herring 
by Beth Ann Fennelly
by Susannah Felts


Olen Bingham
by Lindsay Moore


Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson
by Diane Roberts
by Arthur Rickydoc Flowers
by Makkada Selah


Henry Flynt & the Insurrections
by John Cline


The Feminine Complex
by Kim Cooper


Paul Burch & the WPA Ballclub
by Barry Mazor


Jeanette (Baby) Washington
by Richie Unterberger


by Barry Jean Ancelet


George “Bongo Joe” Coleman
by Joe Nick Patoski
by Matthew Pitt


The Windbreakers
by Will Clarke


Wiley & the Checkmates
by Alison Fenterstock


Little Bob & the Lollipops
by Herman Fuselier


Marie “Queenie” Lyons
by Keith Pandolfi


Kelly Hogan & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
by Mark Winegardner


Abner Jay
by Williams Bowers
by Brian James Barr



CD 2: Arkansas Masters


Bobby Brown & the Curios
by Larry Donn


Maxine Brown
by Michaelangelo Matos


Frank Frost
by Roy Kasten


The Esquires
by Justin Taylor


Kenni Huskey
by Natalie Elliott


Sister Ernestine Washington
by Mike McGonigal


Larry Donn
by Marc Smirnoff


Johnny & Dolores
by Betsy Shepherd


Wayne Raney
by Rod Bryan


Little Beaver
by Sam Eifling


Carolina Cotton
by Skip Horack


Sleepy LaBeef
by Joe R. Lansdale


True Gospel Wymics
by Greg Bottoms


Wayne Jackson
by Stephen Koch


Linda Brannon
by Dolores Alfieri


American Princes
by Charles Petersen


Andy Starr
by A. Ferrel James


William Grant Still
by Erin Aubry Kaplan


Suga City
by Lindsey Millar


Claudia Whitten
by Sheila Heti
by Lincoln Michel


Billy Lee Riley & the Little Green Men
by Allen Lowe


The Gunbunnies
by Jamie Quatro


Larry Davis
by Jim O’Neal


Oliver Lake Organ Trio
by Walton Muyumba


Jim Mize
by Lindsey Millar


Amina Claudine Myers
by Carol Ann Fitzgerald


Chris Denny
by Graeme Thomson


Cover: Doug Smith of the John Overton High School Marching Band, Nashville, 2004.
Photograph by Greg Miller