Daniel George: Natural Selection

By  |  June 30, 2013

In Daniel George's series, Natural Selection, we are invited into the quiet yards, driveways, and streets of suburban coastal Georgia. We see a yard where, behind a chain link fence, barking dogs are replaced with stoic plastic deer, a house where dolphins frolic on the shutters, and an alley where a potted plant lays forgotten.

George writes, "I am focusing on variations of land that reveal an individual’s personal reflection of, and relationship to, the environment. Their interconnection is made through directly manipulating and placing objects within the landscape. Often, the attempt is to emulate an ideal natural world. I am especially drawn to interactions that are distinct and whimsical."

Daniel George is an artist and educator based in Savannah, Georgia. He teaches at Savannah Country Day School and continues to use photography as a means to explore the relationship between the landscape and modern culture. He is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. To view more of Daniel’s work from the South and beyond, please visit his website (www.danielgeorgephoto.net). 

Jeff Rich is a photographer based in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Jeff currently teaches photography at Coastal Carolina University. He curates the OA’s weekly photo series, Eyes on the South.