Anne Guidry

Anne Guidry holds an MFA in fiction from the Ohio State University. Her work has received funding and support from the Anderson Center, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Minnesota State Arts Board. Her story “Pointe d’Église, Louisiana, 1959” was selected from the Oxford American’s 2019 debut fiction call and is her first major print publication. She lives in Minneapolis.

June 11, 2019

A featured short story from the Summer 2019 issue.

You’ve always wished your mother, who is so deft with the cards, would learn to read fortunes. You want her to tell your future, holding nothing back. You want all of it confirmed, your luck and your losses. You haven’t asked her, though. You can imagine her shaking her head, incredulous again that you, superstitious girl, are her daughter. That you long to convert each game into a prophesy.