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MISS ON SCENE: Nobody Noirs Thumbnail

MISS ON SCENE: Nobody Noirs

Part of the joy of loving B-movies and lesser-known genre pictures is the joy of discovery that you get when you experience something completely under-appreciated—not just in the hipster-cred sense, though invariably that has something to do with it, but it’s more like you’re falling in love with someone’s artwork soberly, with complete seriousness, and in a way that produces the addictive excitement of exploration.

Department: Natalie Elliott
MISS ON SCENE: Ben Gazzara Thumbnail

MISS ON SCENE: Ben Gazzara

Ben Gazzara, brilliantly muted and somewhat unreadable actor of stage and screen, passed from this earth early last month at the age of eighty-one. Unless you’re a Cassavetes nut, Gazzara is one of those actors whose familiar cool is almost-placeable—he’s been in so many things that you can only half-remember what you might know him from.

Department: Natalie Elliott
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