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PARISH CHIC: Andi Eaton Profile Thumbnail

PARISH CHIC: Andi Eaton Profile

The third ever NOLA Fashion Week is over. For its co-founder Andi Eaton, the days were filled with afternoon workshops, nightly fashion shows, and after-parties that lasted into the morning. On the seventh day, she rested—only to resume work again on Monday for her other job as a sales director at Aveda.

Department: L. Kasimu Harris
ALBUM STREAM: Prom Date Thumbnail


Thank goodness you no longer have your virginity to protect, because Prom Date, an electro-pop, Baton Rouge –based band, would just talk you out of it anyway. Prom Date has booked the limo, bought the corsage, and made the hotel reservation (if you know what I mean). This time around, it’ll feel good; I promise....

Department: Reviews
PARISH CHIC: New Orleans Style for Men & Women Thumbnail

PARISH CHIC: New Orleans Style for Men & Women

This column covers New Orleans style with the aspirations of global readership, because my city is international: Our culture has influenced the world while simultaneously being inspired by global customs. The traditions here are as rich as our history. Where else in American do you get three days off to party? We call that Mardi Gras. I know your last two mayors don’t join a second-line with the people—your mayor probably can’t even dance. 

Department: L. Kasimu Harris
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