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BIG STAR: Nothing Can Hurt Me Thumbnail

BIG STAR: Nothing Can Hurt Me

There was little in the music I heard that resembled the common musical currency of the day—nothing loud and grossly overbearing like the heavy metal of the era, nothing limply solipsistic like the singer-songwriters of that hour. Big Star’s music was a thoughtful, sinewy pop-rock fusion that played by its own rules.
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ESSAY: Memphis Film Fest Thumbnail

ESSAY: Memphis Film Fest

Everyone wants tips, secrets, and shortcuts in order to navigate the daunting process of getting a movie made and seen. They often talk about it in wistful terms: “Oh, if we only had money, we could be shooting right now!” “Why can’t we get someone with money to look at our film proposal?” “If this was 1992 we would already be making this movie.”
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MUSIC TRIBUTE: Big Star  Thumbnail


In spite of his late-notice career, Big Star band leader Alex Chilton made a huge impact on American music, and showed that, once again, Southern sounds were a vital part of the equation.

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Thank You Friends

A video tribute to Alex Chilton and Big Star from our second DVD, Best of the South Issue, 2008.

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