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ALBUM STREAM: Dead Fingers Thumbnail

ALBUM STREAM: Dead Fingers

Married couple Taylor Hollingsworth and Kate Taylor combine indie-band backgrounds with the folk, Americana, and blues traditions of their native Alabama in the eponymous debut of their joint effort, Dead Fingers. The album features lush instrumentation (blues guitar! harmonica!) behind pretty harmonic duets and alternating solos. Husband and wife each play guitar and sing, forging a more collaborative air than that of, say, She & Him. The melodies and lyrics aren’t surprising, but the beauty and emotion they carry certainly are.

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ALBUM STREAM: Hiss Golden Messenger Thumbnail

ALBUM STREAM: Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss Golden Messenger is North Carolina-based MC Taylor; that’s the moniker by which he makes music, at least. On his latest album, Poor Moon, Taylor is joined by his longtime collaborator Scott Hirsch and a host of other musicians to present us with an expanded, plugged-in, countrified, soul-infused version of his 2010 album, Bad Debt.

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ALBUM STREAM: Lucero Thumbnail


Today marks the release of Lucero’s eighth album, Women & Work. It also marks a surprising departure from the Memphis-based outfit’s signature punk-infused Southern rock style.

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ALBUM STREAM: Prom Date Thumbnail


Thank goodness you no longer have your virginity to protect, because Prom Date, an electro-pop, Baton Rouge –based band, would just talk you out of it anyway. Prom Date has booked the limo, bought the corsage, and made the hotel reservation (if you know what I mean). This time around, it’ll feel good; I promise....

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