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May 29, 2013

Linda Hall's nature

Tallahassee's Linda Hall uses painting and sculpture to explore our relationship with the natural world.
May 17, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: A Long Day at the End of the World

Brent Hendricks’s memoir, A Long Day at the End of the World, is representative of that venerable genre, the Southern Gothic. But it also participates in an even older tradition, as old as the Book of Lamentations: crying out in grief and anger in the face of loss.
April 30, 2013

Documenting violence in New Orleans

Over the past decade, New Orleans has had a violent crime rate that is five to six times higher than the national average. The documentary Shell Shocked, directed by John Richie, aims to shed light on the cycle of violence in New Orleans and to present ideas, opinions, and testimonies from people on all sides of the issue.
April 23, 2013

In Hayley's studio

In a charming new short video, Hayley Gaberlavage, a painter in New Orleans, explains her philosophy and process.
April 18, 2013

The O, Miami Poetry Festival

The O, Miami Poetry Festival began April 1st and continues for the rest of this month. The goal, in short, is to deliver poetry to the more than 2.6 million residents of Miami-Dade County during the month of April (National Poetry Month)
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