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PHOTO ESSAY: My First Trip to Oxford

Published  May 1, 2012

oxford mississippi lyric theatre

The Ole Miss Motel is not on the Ole Miss campus. My motel room has a king-size bed with three pillows labeled soft, medium, and firm. The light in the bathroom makes the room shake, but it’s too dark when it’s off. There’s a refrigerator and a microwave and a television that makes a video game noise when the power’s turned on. The Ole Miss Motel is only three blocks from the square.

Everything is walkable in Oxford. The Lyric Theatre has a beautiful entryway, with a black-and-white paisley vaulted ceiling jutting against a stark red wall. Amy LaVere’s upright bass makes me shiver. Joey Lauren Adams is a good reader. Silas Reed has a velvety voice and a hefty horn section. 

oxford mississippi thacker mountain radio
Some boys who play in bands like to hang out at the City Grocery on weeknights. These are the kinds of boys who will take you to Checker’s to get a snack when you’re hungry and your friends are fighting and you need to be walked the three blocks back to the Ole Miss Motel. These are the kinds of boys with manners, who will try to hold your hand but won’t lean in for a kiss at the end of the night. A grizzled, bearded man says the next day that he overheard someone saying how crazy City Grocery was the night before—there were girls pissing in the men’s room. 

Bouré is a nice restaurant to go and eat chicken carbonara for lunch in between naps and watching television at the Ole Miss Motel. All the waitresses wear gingham shirts and have sweet-tea voices and bright pink lipstick. The Double Decker Festival can be seen from the balcony of a new friend’s apartment, or the balcony of a new friend’s friend’s apartment. The people at this apartment play songs like “Holiday Inn” by Chingy and dance like they’re not trying to impress girls, which is the only real way to impress girls. There’s an industrial cooler filled with beer and there are two cats roaming around. At one point, a redhead named Virginia starts kicking people out of the apartment, claiming there are too many people there who she doesn’t know. I am allowed to stay.


DAY ONE: Thursday

oxford mississippi lyric theatre

Inside The Lyric 

oxford mississippi lyric theatre

Still inside The Lyric

oxford mississippi tyler keith

The irrepressible Tyler Keith onstage at Thacker 

oxford mississippi thacker mountain radio silas reed

The multi-dimensional Silas Reed onstage

oxford mississippi tyler keith silas reed

oxford mississippi mary elizabeth cochran

Mary Elizabeth Cochran

oxford mississippi lisa howorth

Lisa Howorth

oxford mississippi julie anna

Julie Anna Murphy

oxford mississippi lisa howorth joey lauren adams

Outside The Lyric

oxford mississippi city grocery

Alex Warren, Dent May, Tyler Keith, and Scott Rorie

oxford mississippi city grocery print chouteau

Print Chouteau of Flight

oxford mississippi city grocery

Scott and Finley Hughes

oxford mississippi city grocery

Lindsey Else, visiting from Minnesota



DAY TWO: Friday

oxford mississippi elvis

Mississippi native

oxford mississippi cat

Sterling and friend

oxford mississippi

oxford mississippi

Print and John Barrett of Bass Drum of Death

oxford mississippi

oxford mississippi elvis

oxford mississippi cat



DAY THREE: Saturday

oxford mississippi the end of all music

oxford mississippi jack pendarvis

OA columnist Jack Pendarvis caught, once again, in reflection.

oxford mississippi city grocery

oxford mississippi city grocery cary hudson

Cary Hudson with OAer Meghan Tear Plummer

oxford mississippi farm

oxford mississippi double decker festival


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