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PHOTO ESSAY: Savannah College of Art and Design

Published  April 11, 2012

THE OA Editorial team went to Savannah last week to visit our friends at SCAD. Here's what we saw.

See more photos of the trip, including some beautiful shots of the SCAD museum, on the Southern Girl blog.

Shoe design class.

SCAD student.

Alexander Hall, the fine arts building.

Fine Arts student.

The computer lab at Gulfstream Center for Industrial and Furniture Design.

Fine Arts students.

Todd Schroeder, painting chair, was kind enough to give us a tour of the Fine Arts building.

The tireless and charming Ai-ling Chang.

A fashion design class.




Fab footwear designed by SCAD students.

The irrepressible "Southern Belle" of Italian descent, Carmela Spinelli, chair of the fashion dept.

Carmela Spinelli and Master Shoemaker (and teacher) Marcela Mrsán.

Wes in a phlegmatic mood.

Artist Suzanne Jackson beside one of her paintings at Local 11 Ten restaurant.

Dr. Harrison Key, chair of liberal arts, is one of three people who can get away with wearing a bowtie (along with Kasimu Harris and Jack Pendarvis).

Gutstein Gallery reception.

The vivacious Andrea Goto.

SCAD student/writer Chantel Tattoli had on a chic pantsuit.

Gustein Gallery guests.

Gutstein Gallery guests in front of photograph by Sarah Hobbs.

Molly Rowe has extraordinary accessories.

Molly Rowe's other arm.


Carol Ann gets a ride on Dr. Harrison Key's scooter. Paparazzi in hot pursuit.

Guest at Chad's treehouse party in the village of Thunderbolt.

Author Chad Faries in the treehouse he built.

Guest at Chad's house.

Artist Amy Lind at Bonna Bella Yacht Club.

Amy Lind and her husband Josh Lind, creative director, Collaborative Learning Center. (Josh is also an expert on paranormal activity in Savannah.)

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