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Cracklins: Tidbits of Southern Culture

Published  August 25, 2010

Contributor Barry Mazor recounts the music of OA–favorite Bobby Charles (R.I.P.) today at The Wall Street Journal. Mazor remarks of "the apparent straightforwardness" of Charles's songwriting, "which had that deep southern Louisiana beat even when addressing social issues or darker personal themes." We couldn't agree more—Charles's charmingly simple song structures often belied the gritty content.

The New York Times celebrates the fortieth anniversary of James Dickey's dark classic Deliverance, in a piece that stops just short of lamenting the demise of the strong Southern man (albeit with a wink). But mostly, author Dwight Garner touts the novel's place in the American canon, and reminds us of its unique and critical import.

Zack Handlen over at The Onion A.V. Club explores the music of Big Star for the first time ever in their column "Better Late Than Never?" While we know that you know our affinity for the Memphis power-pop group, it's an awfully winning introduction to their oeuvre, if you've been meaning to dig in yourself, or if you're looking to revisit that glorious moment of discovery.

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