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The Red and the Black

On Memorial Day 2009, my mother and I had the house to ourselves. She is a retired doctor and thirty-five years ago was the first African-American woman to open a private medical practice in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Her home office holds a mammoth pine desk and a guest bed I was arising from that morning. I heard her downstairs in the kitchen clanging dishes, running water, opening and closing cupboard doors. The teakettle whistled.

Governors' Forum

Six Southern governors address our concerns about the future.

WRITER OF THE MONTH: Mark Spitzer Thumbnail


Mark Spitzer—novelist, poet, Managing Editor of THE EXQUISITE CORPSE, and writing professor at the University of Central Arkansas (home of THE OA and THE EC)—is also a self-proclaimed “gar nut.” In his newly released book, SEASON OF THE GAR (published by University of Arkansas Press), Spitzer’s passions collide as he turns his pen on the object of his affection—the garfish, or what he terms “America’s most misunderstood fish.”

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