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VIDEO: South Meets South Thumbnail

VIDEO: South Meets South

In a short film from the Southern Foodways Alliance, Atlanta-based chef Asha Gomez speaks with Miller Union chef Steven Satterfield about their "two Souths."
Department: FOOD
ISSUE 85: Deep South Vadouvan Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: Deep South Vadouvan

Today, I look harder at my region. I’m less interested in affirmations. Instead, I search for tastes that complicate my understandings. Some of this is a willful act of self-creation, an attempt to redefine the region in an inclusive and progressive way.
Department: FOOD
ISSUE 84: Chicken Eggs Thumbnail

ISSUE 84: Chicken Eggs

As a kid, I was allowed to eat one egg per week. Mom fixed eggs on Sunday for a meal eaten at indeterminate times, dependent upon my father’s hangover.
Department: FOOD

An Orphaned Plate

If Appalachian cuisine could speak, I think it’d sound like my grandmother: loving but no-nonsense, pleased but bemused by your enthusiasm over the meal she’s just made from little more than dried beans and a tin of flour.
Department: FOOD
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