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Classic Christmas Dishes for Academics Thumbnail

Classic Christmas Dishes for Academics

This recipe engenders a radical new discourse among yams of various traditions, although the exact nature of alternate new discourses is not predicated by the precise mode of the current proposed project, as indicated by the author's openness to interpretive dialogues that involve large marshmallows, pecans, sugar, cinnamon, and bourbon (optional).
Song of the Pioneers Thumbnail

Song of the Pioneers

A band performed that night, for the first time in public—a band whose mercurial rise and untimely fall was to become the talk of Clay County for years to come, and who, in their own way, possessed the rare and true spirit of the Texas musical tradition. They were called the Sons of the Sons of the Sons of the Pioneers.
Department: MUSIC


Jeff Rich recaps the various exhibitions presented at PhotoNOLA 2014, including work by Jeremiah Ariaz, Kevin Kline, Bruce Schultz, Tammy Mercure, and others.
Department: ART

On the Road with The 78 Project: Adam Faucett

When they asked who we thought would be a good fit for Arkansas's contribution to their project—recording today's musicians with yesterday's technology—we didn't hesitate to recommend Little Rock's own Adam Faucett, whose 2014 album, Blind Water Finds Blind Water, is stunning.
Department: FILM
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