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SoLost: The Auricular Raconteur

Christopher King is a discoverer of lost worlds. Musical worlds. Nestled in a small room in a medium-sized home in the expansive hills of Virginia, King has been digging through old barns and cellars looking for 78's for his entire adult life. An obsessives' obsessive, he has accumulated one of the most fascinating collections of once-overlooked music anywhere. For a number of years he has curated highly sophisticated -- and celebrated -- collections of music themed around some of the most elemental questions humanity has forever faced: love, loss, pain and work.
Department: SoLost
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Jared Ragland Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Jared Ragland

Based on the themes and setting of Walker Percy’s 1961 novel The Moviegoer, Everything Is Going To Be All Right combines traditionally made black and white photographs with appropriated imagery. Made in New Orleans and largely shot at night, the photographs loosely document a dispossessed urban landscape, particularly the approximate locations of single screen movie theaters that once ubiquitously populated the city.
Department: ART
Jay Jennings's tribute to Portis Thumbnail

Jay Jennings's tribute to Portis

On April 3, 2014, Charles Portis was honored with the Porter Prize Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigous award is presented every five years to an Arkansas writer; previous recipients are Donald Harington and Miller Williams. At the Porter Prize gala in Little Rock, writer and editor (and OA contributor) Jay Jennings gave a moving speech honoring his friend. Jennings edited Escape Velocity: A Charles Portis Miscellany, which collects the author's writing across varied genres—including several pieces that have appeared in the Oxford American. (We recommend you read and revisit "The Wind Bloweth Where it Listeth" and "Motel Life, Lower Reaches.") Jennings allowed us to print his remarks here.
Department: LITERATURE
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Robbie McClaran Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Robbie McClaran

The alluvial plain south of Memphis on either side of the Mississippi River, in Mississippi and Arkansas, is a cruel and brutal landscape of flat dusty cotton fields, blackwater bayous, and heartbreaking poverty; a land with a mystique of mythical proportions.
Department: ART
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