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EYES ON THE SOUTH: Fred Hirschman Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Fred Hirschman

Subjectively, it’s odd to think of “The South” as somewhere that starts past the edge of Ohio. As a northerner, the Virginias and other surrounding ‘southerly’ states were always somewhat reminiscent of what Ohio has to offer. From the Carolinas, and further south, is where I find the largest differentiations from the north in terms of the landscape both cultural and physical.
Department: ART
He Didn't Want to Be Free Thumbnail

He Didn't Want to Be Free

But the truth is I was sitting minding my own business one day and I got a call from my agent in New York who said, “Hey, you got any interest on doing a book on Jerry Lee Lewis?” So I said, “Yeah, sure!” Because how could it be dull?
Department: MUSIC
Author Interview: Kevin Wilson Thumbnail

Author Interview: Kevin Wilson

It is around 7:45 A.M. at Fiery Fungi Organic Mushroom Farm. We are twenty minutes from Winchester (Kevin’s hometown) and directly below the mountain from The University of the South in Sewanee, where Kevin instructs in the English Department. We’re sitting down with five cats to discuss his upcoming novel, gender, and the particulars of growing up in a rural area.
Department: LITERATURE
How I Became a Famous Writer Thumbnail

How I Became a Famous Writer

We become who we become for reasons we cannot always know—because of what we saw our mothers love, or our fathers hate, and because of what we need deep down inside the parts of us that others don't know about, such as love, or security, or adoration.
Department: LITERATURE
In Mencken's Shadow Thumbnail

In Mencken's Shadow

When the American South searches its memory—and its institutional memory is powerful, to judge from prejudices and resentments with virtually prehistoric antecedents—it invariably revisits two great enemies who tower above the rest. It’s the Union General William Tecumseh Sherman and the Baltimore polemicist Henry Louis Mencken who provoke the most passionate curses from Confederate descendants with long memories.
Department: LITERATURE
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