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BOOK REVIEW: Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce

We talk often about fearless writers. We use words like "brave" and "unflinching on book jackets and in glowing blurbs when the protagonists within enact dangerous behavior without moral-of-the-story appeals and sensationalized flourishes.
Department: Reviews
INTERVIEW: Alex Mar on the Body Farm Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: Alex Mar on the Body Farm

In "Sky Burial," recently published in the Oxford American's Fall issue, Alex Mar visits the Forensic Anthropology Center at San Marcos University (FACTS)—the largest of America's five body farms, where people donate their bodies to be studied for the benefit of science.
Department: Interviews
BOOK REVIEW: Against Football Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Against Football

Steve Almond’s new book, Against Football, asks essentially the same question. How is it that a game which “in its exalted moments, is not just a sport, but a lovely and intricate form of art” also legitimizes, as he says, “a tolerance for violence, greed, racism, and homophobia”?
Department: Reviews
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Johnathon Kelso Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Johnathon Kelso

This week's Eyes on the South features Johnathon Kelso's latest series, Highways & Byways: A Southern Revelation, currently on view at One Twelve Gallery in Atlanta.
Department: ART
BOOK REVIEW: Listening In Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Listening In

Over the years, Marcus has only gotten better at answering his own question—how must the musician have felt at that moment?—and more assured at describing the experience of listening. His prose, steeped in the disparate languages of academia, prophecy, and record reviews, has always been the fun part, and a few of the essays here mark some of his most vivid, brilliant work in years.
Department: MUSIC
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