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New South Journalism

New South Journalism

Aug. 2012 - Issue: 78

Our New South Journalism Issue was inspired by the South’s best writers, who have long been chronicling the region’s triumphs and tumults with their pens, their wit, and their courage. Nearly forty years after Tom Wolfe (b. Virginia) coined the phrase, we wanted to turn over some forgotten rocks of “New Journalism” and, maybe more importantly, we wanted to provide a forum for some of the most exciting new nonfiction scribes in the South today. We still believe in long-form writing—even in this era of Twitter feeds. So while other news outlets slash their staffs and word counts, we offered the South’s best journalists unlimited space and months to stew on whatever topics they wanted.

The results are on newsstands now.

Some highlights include:

Former Times-Picayune reporter Chris Rose’s gonzo memoir of his twenty-five-year career as an “ink-stained wretch” in New Orleans—and the demise of the city’s daily.

Kevin Brockmeier’s courageous infiltration of one of the oddest subcultures in America…seventh graders.

Jack Pendarvis’s quest to meet his idol, Jerry Lewis.

A lost (until now) memoir by the late Esquire editor (and North Carolina native) Harold Hayes on the ups and downs of editing Norman Mailer.

Percival Everett takes a second look at why John Howard Griffin—author of the classic book Black Like Me—will never understand what it means to be black in America.

A stirring descent into the soul of murderer Ricky Langley and an account of his 1992 killing of a Louisiana child named Jeremy Guillory.

An investigative report by J. Malcolm Garcia on potentially poisonous gas-drilling in rural Arkansas.

James Pogue delves deep into the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of the fact-checking business.

PLUS reporting on: birdwatchers in Grand Isle, Sasquatch hunters in North Louisiana, Jack Kerouac’s house in Orlando, the new biography of William Alexander Percy, poetry, comics, and much more.

Enjoy reading!


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