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The Education Issue

The Education Issue

Aug. 2011 - Issue: 74

Brand-Spanking New: THE EDUCATION ISSUE 2011

It's time for school and The Oxford American's new issue is packed with reading material you won't find in any classroom:

  • Ron Rash, Wendy Brenner, and J.D. Daniels on death, spelling bees, and exploding chalk.
  • Kevin Brockmeier time-travels back to the seventh grade—and gets shoved in a locker.
  • Emily Bernard and her students get lost in the academic wilderness.
  • Mark Edmundson berates the incoming class.
  • Anne Gisleson plays the lotto—with her kids' futures.
  • Seeking love online: a college student's virtual romance.
  • Editor Marc Smirnoff battles an intern over the ethics of unpaid labor.
  • Back-to-school fiction, featuring Steve Yarbrough and Jack Pendarvis.

PLUS: A SPECIAL INVESTIGATION on the toxic trash pits of Iraq and Afghanistan—J. Malcolm Garcia discovers what's killing our soldiers and travels to Florida to meet the families left behind.


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