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Best of the South 2011

Best of the South 2011

June 2011 - Issue: 73

It's spring, so that means The OA is in love! This year's Best of the South Issue shares the joy with great writing on dating, dangerous expeditions, hillbilly Shakespeare, and more, including:

  • Hal Crowther takes on the Radical Right...from the Middle East to the Bible Belt.
  • Bronwen Dickey dives into a town's murky past.
  • Bikes, bosoms, and backroads: Diane Roberts's wild ride with artist Jim Roche.
  • Teen hobos: The freight-train photography of Mike Brodie.
  • The Buddha smile: Was Barry Hannah Asian?
  • New fiction by three Southern superstars: Cary Holladay, John Brandon, and Stephanie Powell Watts.
  • Erik Reece on the lost literary masterpiece of a Kentucky hermit.
  • PLUS: A selection of lovin' ODES to the very best cheap suit, video crack, literary cop, bicycle race, outhouse, gumbo, cat lab, hot rod, naked fruit, and more.
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