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SoLost: The Auricular Raconteur

Christopher King is a discoverer of lost worlds. Musical worlds. Nestled in a small room in a medium-sized home in the expansive hills of Virginia, King has been digging through old barns and cellars looking for 78's for his entire adult life. An obsessives' obsessive, he has accumulated one of the most fascinating collections of once-overlooked music anywhere. For a number of years he has curated highly sophisticated -- and celebrated -- collections of music themed around some of the most elemental questions humanity has forever faced: love, loss, pain and work.
Department: SoLost
SoLit: Ten Minutes of Stupidity Thumbnail

SoLit: Ten Minutes of Stupidity

Texas inmate Michael Lee Ford's spectacular and heartbreaking autobiographical drawing, "Ten Minutes of Stupidity," tells the story of a haunted puppy, a dead chicken, and the painful repercussions of a single choice. This piece, shot by Dave Anderson and guest-directed by multi-talented filmmaker/musician Amman Abbasi, is a first for the Oxford American: a short film inspired by and based upon a piece of folk art.
Department: SoLost
SoLost: The Most Beautiful Books Thumbnail

SoLost: The Most Beautiful Books

Have you ever bought a brand-new book that cost ten thousand dollars? Probably not—but if you did, there's a reasonable chance it was made by Craig Jensen, one of the world's greatest living bookmakers. Craig operates Booklab II out of San Marcos, Texas, and for thirty-five years he has been making some of the most beautiful books you'll ever see.
Department: SoLost
SoLost: Christmas with the Dickson Chicks Thumbnail

SoLost: Christmas with the Dickson Chicks

The Chicks have a reputation as Nashville's greatest living drag gospel act, yet little video evidence of these spirited performers actually exists. We decided to remedy that. And when we heard there was still time to witness "Gaytivity," their legendary Christmas show . . . well, that was it. We packed our bags and headed for Nashville.
Department: SoLost
SoLost:  Rebranding Kentucky (A Guerilla Love Story) Thumbnail

SoLost: Rebranding Kentucky (A Guerilla Love Story)

Three short years ago, a boy named Griff responded to a Kentucky Mingle profile and met a boy named Whit. Awash in a sea of popped collars, the two connected at a Rainbow Bus Club meeting in Lexington and quickly bonded over a shared love of their home state. Soon, a dastardly plan was hatched. Who knew this plan would soon occupy a spot in the annals of advertising infamy? Only they did, my friend, and now you get to find out what really went down.
Department: SoLost
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