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ISSUE 58: Mystic Nights Thumbnail

ISSUE 58: Mystic Nights

At age twenty-four, Dylan, spinning on the edge, had a well-ordered mind and an intense, at times biting, rapport with reality.
Department: Vault
ISSUE 16: Jim Dickinson's Zebra  Thumbnail

ISSUE 16: Jim Dickinson's Zebra

“I don’t use the word hit. I tell ‘em, ‘Hits are in baseball, and singles are people who pick each other up in bars,’ which really pisses ‘em off at the record companies. I don’t understand either. I make albums—big records with little holes.”
Department: Vault
ISSUE 50: Dale Hawkins Thumbnail

ISSUE 50: Dale Hawkins

From our 2005 Southern Music Issue, an article by Lauren Wilcox on larger-than-life musician Dale Hawkins, famous for the chart-busting tune "Susie Q" as well as a heap of other rockin songs.
Department: Vault
ISSUE 79: Amédé Ardoin—Accordion Virtuoso Thumbnail

ISSUE 79: Amédé Ardoin—Accordion Virtuoso

Amédé Ardoin was born in the spring of 1898, the grandson of slaves. His family worked as sharecroppers at the Rougeau farm in L’Anse des Rougeau, near Basile, Louisiana. Ardoin tried his best to avoid field labor whenever possible, preferring to tote his Monarch accordion to house parties, where he’d team up with like-minded fiddlers and play early iterations of the frenzied dance songs that would eventually constitute the Cajun canon.
Department: Vault
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