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Song of the Pioneers Thumbnail

Song of the Pioneers

A band performed that night, for the first time in public—a band whose mercurial rise and untimely fall was to become the talk of Clay County for years to come, and who, in their own way, possessed the rare and true spirit of the Texas musical tradition. They were called the Sons of the Sons of the Sons of the Pioneers.
Department: MUSIC
ISSUE 87: An American Sound Thumbnail

ISSUE 87: An American Sound

I didn’t know then that Grandpa’s songs were traditional Mexican ballads, corridos, that connected an entire community of Mexican-American immigrants. And that so many of them were songs made popular by one phenomenal woman: Lydia Mendoza.
Department: MUSIC
ISSUE 87: It's Got Ahold of Me Thumbnail

ISSUE 87: It's Got Ahold of Me

An interview with the founder of Arhoolie Records, Chris Strachwitz: "But I talked to him, and I really wanted to record him for a historic perspective. I was curious because he knew quite a bit of the traditional material. So he made a few records and recordings, but he was like Lightnin’—he wanted one hundred dollars a side, and I couldn’t afford that."
Department: Interviews
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