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WHY I WRITE by Barry Hannah Thumbnail

WHY I WRITE by Barry Hannah

I write out of a greed for lives and language. A need to listen to the orchestra of living. It is often said that a writer is more alive than his peers. But I believe he might also be a sort of narcoleptic who requires constant waking up by his own imaginative work. He is closer to sleep and dream, and his memory is more haunted, thus more precise.
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ISSUE 76: Belle de Jour: The Literature of Southern Babes Thumbnail

ISSUE 76: Belle de Jour: The Literature of Southern Babes

Coincidentally, “lookism” is now entrenched in the cultural lexicon. The economist Daniel S. Hamermesh’s recent book, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, examines what he’s dubbed “pulchronomics”: the socioeconomic advantages of good-looking people in business and other power-contest environments (like, ahem, marriage). Hamermesh cites data that reflect what tend to be real economic advantages (say, earning around ninety thousand dollars more over a lifetime than plainer people), but asserts that the difference is enough to declare that being beautiful just about constitutes a charitable act, in so far as...

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