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INTERVIEW: The Primal Lingo Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: The Primal Lingo

I struggled for eight years to write this essay. As soon as the obsession began I knew I'd have to write about it, but I kept putting it off because I was apprehensive about what the obsession would reveal about me.
Department: Interviews
INTERVIEW: Filling in the gaps of history Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: Filling in the gaps of history

Tess Taylor’s debut book of poetry, The Forage House, is a lyric wonder rich with the complications of an Old South genealogy. Though she was born in California, Taylor is related to rural Appalachians, New England missionaries, and a powerful and political slave-holding family from Virginia: the Jeffersons (yes, those Jeffersons). In The Forage House, we find Taylor haunted by her family’s past, navigating between legend and truth, marked and unmarked graves, trying to make sense of a deep-rooted history.
Department: Interviews
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In Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee, characters battle internal struggles and encounter the fantastical moments of everyday life. In the words of Kevin Brockmeier, the stories “wander and dart like wild things yet somehow wind up exactly where they intended to go.”
Department: Interviews
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