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Stella’s hair is so wet from sweat that it doesn’t look blonde anymore, and the humidity has frizzed the tendrils out around her face. In the mirror across from the bed, we look like three sisters. The mirror has a glamour-shot effect, like all the mirrors in the house.
Department: LITERATURE
ISSUE 65: Ode to the Perfect Coat Thumbnail

ISSUE 65: Ode to the Perfect Coat

My favorite coat was made by my father's mother. It is gray like an overcast day, a dark, dirty-water gray, covered in rows of silver-dollar-sized circles, which remind me of cloud-covered suns. It's double-breasted, with slightly peaked lapels, and it belts at the waist. The hem brushes the backs of my knees.
Department: Marion Field
The evolution of Erica Dawson Thumbnail

The evolution of Erica Dawson

Big-Eyed Afraid comprises five numbered sections, demarcations tracking the linear progression from youth to adulthood, and the milestones in between. Yet the poems defy this neat organization, each an intimate case study of identity; they are frank interrogations of family, race, gender, mental illness, and the forces that shape us.
Department: LITERATURE
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