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Notes from a Balletomane Thumbnail

Notes from a Balletomane

The dancers keep falling. In other competitions, these gravitational mishaps are called crashes or stumbles, but here are the world’s ballet elite: even when they fall, they are graceful. Contestants from South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Russia, and the United States appear before us and, as if cursed en masse, crumple on the landing of a grande jete or stumble emerging from a bombastic blur of pirouettes.
Department: LITERATURE
BOOK REVIEW: Lost Things Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Lost Things

Everyone knows something about the power of things, how they remind us of our actions over time, how they have the power to delight or disappoint us. I’m referring here to what Katy Simpson Smith calls “oddments”—the items we don’t mean to collect, that we can’t quite bring ourselves to throw away, that we put on a desk in a spare room and forget.
Department: Reviews
ISSUE 85: O Beulah Land Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: O Beulah Land

Almost heaven. That’s what we call our home, here in West Virginia. The Almost of our Heaven is both a space of longing and of possibility, that forever resonance in which we’re caught, between ceolum and infernum, enchantment and collapse, these booms and busts we have come to read as our given, not chosen, inheritance.
Department: LITERATURE
ISSUE 85: A Guide to Surviving your Father's Homelessness Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: A Guide to Surviving your Father's Homelessness

First, anticipate it. In fact, anticipate disappearances, jail time, lawsuits, death threats, broken things, cocaine, young wives, younger girlfriends, children. Don’t be fooled by the pauses. They will be full of bluegrass, money, convertibles, grand homes in foreign countries, pet orangutans, and infinite promise.
Department: LITERATURE
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