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Poet With a New Attitude Thumbnail

Poet With a New Attitude

However, the sculpture of Roosevelt accompanied by the Indigenous American and enslaved African says something else to me: we helped make America—we are not its victims. We are its heroes. Even by the river in Nantes, I didn’t just feel sorrow. I felt glory.
Department: LITERATURE
Notes of a Native Daughter Thumbnail

Notes of a Native Daughter

“Growing up in the South,” my mother said, “you had to choose one: either white or black. I chose black. And that’s why we were alienated.”
Department: LITERATURE
ISSUE 85: Stand Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: Stand

Peace on this planet / Or guns glowing hot, / We lay there together / As if we were getting / Something done
Department: LITERATURE
ISSUE 85: Tornado Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: Tornado

When the sky threw down hail, I knew / our world was sudden, changing. In the violence of rains / we ran, I held my daughter with her water-soaked braids.
Department: LITERATURE
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