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INTERVIEW: The Primal Lingo Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: The Primal Lingo

I struggled for eight years to write this essay. As soon as the obsession began I knew I'd have to write about it, but I kept putting it off because I was apprehensive about what the obsession would reveal about me.
Department: Interviews
ISSUE 29: A World of Glass Thumbnail

ISSUE 29: A World of Glass

Not only should people who live in glass houses refrain from throwing stones, but they also would have to keep other people from doing it. The very idea gave me nervous fits.
Department: Vault
ISSUE 85: Last Will Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: Last Will

Bury or cremate—whatever’s cheapest. Make absolutely sure I’m really dead before you do anything. If you bury me (don’t send me to Richmond) pls get Don D to build me a plain pine box, or bury me in the trunk Liddie gave us that we use for the coffee table, unless someone wants it.
Department: LITERATURE
ISSUE 41: The Place of Shakespeare in a House of Pain Thumbnail

ISSUE 41: The Place of Shakespeare in a House of Pain

Language itself had turned sharp-edged on us; to negotiate a conversation—that to an outsider might have sounded innocuous but that to us was laden with dangerous secrets—was like picking your way barefoot through a field of broken bottle glass.
Department: Vault
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