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ISSUE 49: Some Like It Extra Hot

Though hot chicken is not peculiar to Nashville, the city is uniquely obsessed with the dish (which gets its own category in the weekly paper’s dining listings). Prince’s is Nashville’s oldest hot chicken joint still in business, and the best.
Department: Vault
VIDEO: South Meets South Thumbnail

VIDEO: South Meets South

In a short film from the Southern Foodways Alliance, Atlanta-based chef Asha Gomez speaks with Miller Union chef Steven Satterfield about their "two Souths."
Department: FOOD
ISSUE 85: Deep South Vadouvan Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: Deep South Vadouvan

Today, I look harder at my region. I’m less interested in affirmations. Instead, I search for tastes that complicate my understandings. Some of this is a willful act of self-creation, an attempt to redefine the region in an inclusive and progressive way.
Department: FOOD
ISSUE 84: Chicken Eggs Thumbnail

ISSUE 84: Chicken Eggs

As a kid, I was allowed to eat one egg per week. Mom fixed eggs on Sunday for a meal eaten at indeterminate times, dependent upon my father’s hangover.
Department: FOOD
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