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ESSAY: Memphis Film Fest Thumbnail

ESSAY: Memphis Film Fest

Everyone wants tips, secrets, and shortcuts in order to navigate the daunting process of getting a movie made and seen. They often talk about it in wistful terms: “Oh, if we only had money, we could be shooting right now!” “Why can’t we get someone with money to look at our film proposal?” “If this was 1992 we would already be making this movie.”
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ESSAY: Faulkner in Film Thumbnail

ESSAY: Faulkner in Film

James Franco is a busy guy, and somewhere in his busy and bizarre schedule he found time for another venture, having just completed directing an adaptation of William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. Mimicking the Bundren family’s odyssey across apocryphal Yoknapatawpha County to bury their mother, Franco and crew have been crisscrossing central Mississippi this last month for what will be the first—yes, first—film adaptation of Faulkner’s “tour de force.”
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EVENT: New Orleans Film Fest Thumbnail

EVENT: New Orleans Film Fest

The New Orleans Film Festival has a great recipe of films running now through Thursday, October 18. The festival is hosted by the New Orleans Film Society and is now in its twenty-third year (that's quite a long time in festival years); screenings will be held in various theaters around town. This year the festival is focused on highlighting the evolving landscape of New Orleans as a new frontier in filmmaking. With the number of productions rising in Louisiana every year, Hollywood isn’t the only film-production Mecca anymore.
Department: Online Exclusives
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