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On the Road with The 78 Project: Adam Faucett

When they asked who we thought would be a good fit for Arkansas's contribution to their project—recording today's musicians with yesterday's technology—we didn't hesitate to recommend Little Rock's own Adam Faucett, whose 2014 album, Blind Water Finds Blind Water, is stunning.
Department: FILM
INTERVIEW: The Great Invisible Thumbnail

INTERVIEW: The Great Invisible

An interview with Margaret Brown, whose ninety-two-minute documentary, The Great Invisible, chronicles the Deepwater oil spill, the worst spill in U.S. history.
Department: Interviews
ISSUE 82: The Adaptation Thumbnail

ISSUE 82: The Adaptation

There were swollen egos and bruised feelings, virginities lost, joints smoked—all of it pint-sized, pubescent, and taking place in Mississippi.
Department: FILM
Film premiere: Charles Portis’s 'I Don’t Talk Service No More' Thumbnail

Film premiere: Charles Portis’s 'I Don’t Talk Service No More'

Katrina Whalen was a first-year at NYU when she was faced with a segment that required her to undertake a short adaptation. As she was puzzling over the project, she remembered a story she’d read by Charles Portis, “I Don’t Talk Service No More,” in which an institutionalized Korean War veteran furtively calls members of his old unit.
Department: FILM
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