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In memory of Lilly

Lillian McKim Pulitzer Rousseau was every bit as exuberant as the styles she conjured. Always up for an adventure, be it screening movies on bed sheets hung in her backyard, dancing the Twist by the pool, or jumping on a propeller plane to Key West to check on her new prints, the schoolmate of Jackie Bouvier became a national sensation when the First Lady did a photo shoot for Life romping in the Atlantic in one of Lilly's colorful, formless, A-line shift dresses.
Department: FASHION
PARISH CHIC: The griot of garb Thumbnail

PARISH CHIC: The griot of garb

Alonzo V. Wilson is the griot of garb. He's the costume designer for HBO's Treme, helping to transform words on a page to life on the screen. Until March 31, his work is on view at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans in an exhibition titled "Well Suited: The Costumes of Alonzo Wilson for HBO's Treme." Here, go behind the scenes as Wilson sets up the show and attends the opening reception.
Department: L. Kasimu Harris
SEWN IN THE SOUTH: Kimberly Noland Thumbnail

SEWN IN THE SOUTH: Kimberly Noland

No matter what her fashion sense is, every woman wants to wear flattering clothing that accentuates her assets and downplays her problem areas. Fashion designer Kimberly Noland understands the universal appeal behind showcasing a woman’s best features.
Department: Christy Lorio
PARISH CHIC: At the Fair Grounds Thumbnail

PARISH CHIC: At the Fair Grounds

In New Orleans, Thanksgiving Day signals the start of horse racing season at the Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots. Once there, you can see couples strolling hand-in-hand and hat-to-hat, babies in blazers, men in suits, and women in skirts and dresses. If the style, horses, and noisy slot machines at the Fair Grounds are not enough for you, you can also find dinner and drinks. I’ve always wanted to take a date there for the holiday and wear hats together—maybe next year.
Department: L. Kasimu Harris
THESE FADED THINGS: Elizabeth Spencer Thumbnail

THESE FADED THINGS: Elizabeth Spencer

The nameless narrator of Elizabeth Spencer’s short story “Judith Kane” feels the same way about the title character, at least at first. Judith is “beautiful, tall and put together like a Greek statue.” When the narrator first runs into Judith and learns that they both will be sharing the same house, she is at first in awe, hit by a wave of schoolgirl admiration.
Department: Rhiannon Leifheit
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