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Vivian Wheeler

Vivian Wheeler is from Springfield, Missouri. She enjoys cooking and eating greatly. However, she could pass on doing the dishes.

Articles by Vivian Wheeler

ALBUM REVIEW: Iris Dement Thumbnail


Iris Dement is the best kind of artist. She doesn’t force her material, and like an intuitive chef she knows how long to let the ingredients simmer until the sum is much greater than the parts. Sing the Delta is an album that only gets better with each listen, only gets better the longer it marinates inside your head. Give it time and it will work on you.
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EVENT: Harvest Fest on Mulberry Mountain Thumbnail

EVENT: Harvest Fest on Mulberry Mountain

Harvest Fest returns to Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas on October 11–13. On the festival circuit, Harvest Fest is like an eccentric little brother; it’s smaller in scope (it’s almost all bluegrass music) and size. The same fungi pushers, at the top of their entrepreneurial game, sell their wares tent to tent. Dirty neo-hippies’ hula-hoops paint fluorescent swirls throughout the night landscape. There are still long, jammy sets with well-produced light shows and avid (rabid) fans pushing to get to the front, only to be squished against a metal blockade. But it’s the differences from the bigger festivals that make Harvest a more enjoyable weekend.
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