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Lee Shook

Lee Shook is a freelance music writer, concert promoter, and documentary filmmaker from Birmingham, Alabama. He is currently working on a film about the life and music of legendary avant-garde blues guitar player—and fellow Alabama native—Davey Williams called CONVULSIVE BLUES. He has also contributed to THE OA music-issue series.  

Articles by Lee Shook

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James Jackson Toth is a hard man to keep up with. In fact, it might be damn near impossible. As one of the fledgling acolytes of the New Weird America movement that gave birth to the likes of Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, the chameleon-like songwriter has made a career out of confounding both critics and fans alike with his genre-bending forays into avant-folk, country, and—on occasion—good old fashioned rock & roll.

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