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Jake Ross

Jake Ross is part of the editorial team at THE OXFORD AMERICAN. He is from South Carolina. 

Articles by Jake Ross

FILM REVIEW: Lawless Thumbnail


What is Lawless about, again? Moonshiners—“We’re moonshiners,” chirps a useless bit of narration as moonshine is sold onscreen. (This lazy narration appears three times: once at the outset, once at the close, and once about two-thirds of the way through, as if to say, Hang in there.)
Department: Reviews
FILM REVIEW: Moonrise Kingdom Thumbnail

FILM REVIEW: Moonrise Kingdom

In the basest sense, they are two kids learning to be authentic—outcasts playing house who have found each other but have yet to find themselves. In a larger sense, they are simply not real—dolls, like all of the other actors, with which Anderson himself plays house. And the latest from Anderson’s gorgeous dollhouse brain is something to be grateful for.
Department: Reviews
FILMMAKER INTERVIEW: Benh Zeitlin Thumbnail


I don’t know any other profession where you get to say, “Everybody I’ve ever known: We’re going to go here and we’re gonna tell this story and live in this wild way for three months, and then somewhere down the line, at the end of it, we’ll have something we created to show the world.”
Department: Interviews
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