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Diane Roberts

Diane Roberts is an environmentalist, novelist, and radio commentator living in and proudly representing the Sunshine State.

Articles by Diane Roberts

ISSUE 82: Game of Tribes Thumbnail

ISSUE 82: Game of Tribes

I’m a Democratic-voting, tree-hugging pinko. I have four degrees in English lit. I’m a feminist, for God’s sake, an academic... Yet I can’t quit college football.
ISSUE 81: Find Your Ground Thumbnail

ISSUE 81: Find Your Ground

The roof leaks, the mortar’s crumbling, and oak tree roots have worked their way under the foundations. But the bones of the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in the state of Florida are still elegant and the cypress wood inside still the color of amber.
ISSUE 73: Cruising the Glory Roads  Thumbnail

ISSUE 73: Cruising the Glory Roads

There he is, the artist as hippie dandy, with his cocked homburg hat, his long black braids, his carved walking stick, tiny white birds on his shoes. Jim Roche picks up the photo, taken around the time in the '70s when he was hanging out at the Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea and showing at the Whitney. He says, "Look at him. Is he full of himself? Does he have some ego? Is he thinking he's really something?" And laughs at his young, impossible self.

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