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Jeff Rich

Jeff Rich is a photographer based in Iowa City. His work focuses on water issues ranging from recreation and sustainability to exploitation and abuse. Jeff currently teaches photography at The University of Iowa.

Articles by Jeff Rich

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Jared Ragland Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Jared Ragland

Based on the themes and setting of Walker Percy’s 1961 novel The Moviegoer, Everything Is Going To Be All Right combines traditionally made black and white photographs with appropriated imagery. Made in New Orleans and largely shot at night, the photographs loosely document a dispossessed urban landscape, particularly the approximate locations of single screen movie theaters that once ubiquitously populated the city.
Department: ART
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Robbie McClaran Thumbnail

EYES ON THE SOUTH: Robbie McClaran

The alluvial plain south of Memphis on either side of the Mississippi River, in Mississippi and Arkansas, is a cruel and brutal landscape of flat dusty cotton fields, blackwater bayous, and heartbreaking poverty; a land with a mystique of mythical proportions.
Department: ART
EYES ON THE SOUTH: Easton Selby Thumbnail


Spanning over 6,000 square miles, the alluvial plain that is the Mississippi Delta birthed the rhythmic backbone of the American South—the Mississippi Delta Blues. It was born from a mergence of black and white cultures and speaks to the hardships of Southern life. From the hellhounds to the heat, the imagery that this music projects is as dense as the soil that haunts its farmland. But what is it about the landscape that drives this music? Historically, when people think or talk about the blues genre the focus is primarily on the individual musician; very rarely is the discussion about the influence. Bluesland is a series of photographs that investigates the often neglected elements of the Mississippi Delta Blues—locations, people, landscape–that continually influence this music.
Department: ART
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