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David Ramsey

David Ramsey is an associate editor at the Arkansas Times. His work has been anthologized in DA CAPO BEST MUSIC WRITING, BEST FOOD WRITING, and CORNBREAD NATION.

Articles by David Ramsey

ISSUE 49: Some Like It Extra Hot

Though hot chicken is not peculiar to Nashville, the city is uniquely obsessed with the dish (which gets its own category in the weekly paper’s dining listings). Prince’s is Nashville’s oldest hot chicken joint still in business, and the best.
Department: Vault
ISSUE 62: I Will Forever Remain Faithful Thumbnail

ISSUE 62: I Will Forever Remain Faithful

Lil Wayne does his share of gangsta posturing, but half the time he starts chuckling before he gets through a line. He’s a ham. He is heavy on pretense, and thank God. Like Dylan, theatricality trumps authenticity.
Department: MUSIC
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