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Amanda Petrusich

Amanda Petrusich is the author of several books, including IT STILL MOVES: LOST SONGS, LOST HIGHWAYS, AND THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT AMERICAN MUSIC. 

Articles by Amanda Petrusich

ISSUE 81: The Bottom of the River Haw Thumbnail

ISSUE 81: The Bottom of the River Haw

I’d never seen the river Haw was named after, but it felt right, going there with Taylor. Place is paramount in his work, as are what he calls “internal landscapes”—the facts of how we exist in the world, in relation to those around us. While we waited for coffee at a roastery on the outskirts of town, I asked Taylor, who was born and reared in California, if he ever self-identified as a Southern artist.
Department: MUSIC
ISSUE 85: Black Patti 8030 Thumbnail

ISSUE 85: Black Patti 8030

After Bussard felt I’d been sufficiently wowed by the sight of it, he pulled the 78 from its paper sleeve, laid it on his turntable, and wiped the surface with a record cleaning brush that resembled a blackboard eraser.
Department: MUSIC
Our Stories Thumbnail

Our Stories

I write with the pie-eyed hope that someone will then take my words and make them theirs, and that we will help each other feel less alone.
Department: MUSIC
ISSUE 79: Amédé Ardoin—Accordion Virtuoso Thumbnail

ISSUE 79: Amédé Ardoin—Accordion Virtuoso

Amédé Ardoin was born in the spring of 1898, the grandson of slaves. His family worked as sharecroppers at the Rougeau farm in L’Anse des Rougeau, near Basile, Louisiana. Ardoin tried his best to avoid field labor whenever possible, preferring to tote his Monarch accordion to house parties, where he’d team up with like-minded fiddlers and play early iterations of the frenzied dance songs that would eventually constitute the Cajun canon.
Department: Vault
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