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Anthony Mariani

Anthony Mariani is associate editor of Fort Worth Weekly. His freelance work has been published in THE VILLAGE VOICE, PASTE, and THE OXFORD AMERICAN. He has just completed his debut novel, THE BOOK OF ETNA, and lives with his lovely wife in Fort Worth.

Articles by Anthony Mariani

ALBUM REVIEW: Levek Thumbnail


“Twee” is often a pejorative, but the term is wonderfully apt here. Built mostly around twinkling guitars and keys, Levesque’s airy, winsome voice, and beats that range from being snappy enough to set hips to shakin’ to being as brittle as glass, the songs are soft, bright, and inoffensive (don’t call them “bourgeois”), with woodwinds and strings stopping by occasionally to complete the wistful spell that the band has cast.
Department: Reviews
ALBUM REVIEW: JEFF the Brotherhood Thumbnail

ALBUM REVIEW: JEFF the Brotherhood

One good thing about relatively toothless indie rock is that it goes well with inherently toothless (and seemingly ubiquitous) mainstream hipster pandering (looking at you, Wes Anderson/Apple/Verizon/Saturn/Nissan).
Department: Reviews
ALBUM REVIEW: SpaceGhostPurrp Thumbnail

ALBUM REVIEW: SpaceGhostPurrp

The “SpaceGhost” part clearly refers to the Hanna-Barbera intergalactic crime fighter of the same name from the mid-1960s who hung up his trademark yellow cape and black cowl in the early ’80s, but in the mid-’90s was yanked out of retirement and placed behind a desk on a talk show (the hilarious, Dadaist Space Ghost Coast to Coast). Now for “Purrp”: Understanding that we’re talking about a rapper, your first guess would also be your best. The non-word alludes to “purple,” short for “purple stuff” (or “lean” or “syrup”).
Department: Reviews
MUSIC REVIEW: Pinkish Black Thumbnail

MUSIC REVIEW: Pinkish Black

The song explodes into bashed cymbals and that roiling, growling bass line, with a supersonic synth-scape hovering above and with Beck, at his most bloodthirsty, screaming, “I ran away from home again / I went to taste the fruit of life / It tastes like blooooooood! It tastes like blooooooood! It tastes like blooooooood! It tastes like blooooooood!”
Department: Reviews
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