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Corinne Manning

Corinne Manning writes, teaches, studies plants, and lives in Seattle, Washington.

Articles by Corinne Manning

ESSAY: Southern Seattle Thumbnail

ESSAY: Southern Seattle

When you feed pimento cheese to someone in Seattle there’s something at stake: communicating the South—what it is, what it feels like, what it sounds like. It’s what The Wandering Goose is doing with little effort, simply sharing this thing that they love with other people.
Department: Online Exclusives
ESSAY: Southern Music in Seattle Thumbnail

ESSAY: Southern Music in Seattle

They played their single “Birmingham,” about musicians fleeing their hometown for New York, but while they are gone they make peace with their departure. As expected, things had gotten downright emotional in front of the stage. Two Tennessee girls to my left were giving each other knowing looks, the kind that indicated “no one gets this like we get this.”
Department: Online Exclusives
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