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Collin Makamson

Collin Makamson interprets apocrypha, collects dust, leads with his chin, writes checks with his mouth, sifts sand, and lives alone with a small dog named Foo Foo Fancy Pants in an uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana.


Articles by Collin Makamson

NOT MOLD AWAY: Metz Thumbnail


Long before flowered-up morons in track suits and fishing hats were declaring a Second Summer of Love in Northern accents so coarse and indecipherable that one wondered if they were speaking with marbles in their mouths or were simply afflicted by some unfortunate preexisting condition, the fuel that kept their smiley-face Hacienda nights pumping—Ecstasy—already had a history much older than its current crop of casual, scally users.
Department: Collin Makamson
NOT MOLD AWAY: Tony Lane & His Fabulous Spades Thumbnail

NOT MOLD AWAY: Tony Lane & His Fabulous Spades

Out of one of the soggiest boxes it has ever been my privilege to behold or insufflate, came a sleeve so sad and pitiful it looked like the least salvageable item from a Hurricane Katrina whippin’ I have ever seen. Joe’s long-boxes are always packed tight so as prevent warpage and ruin during the weekday Alabama heat, and as he wrestled to pull out the album fully, three quarters of the sleeve of this hideously scarce record began to crumble in Joe’s clutches.
Department: Collin Makamson
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