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Wint Huskey

Wint Huskey models his writing game after baseball pitcher Jamie Moyer, relying on cantankerousness and persistence over charisma and proficiency.

Articles by Wint Huskey

ALBUM REVIEW: Dwight Yoakam Thumbnail

ALBUM REVIEW: Dwight Yoakam

And don’t fret: There is country music on this record, but it is a style far removed (both geographically and philosophically) from Nashville. The cover of Bakersfield, California, stalwart Joe Maphis’s “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke” is another one of Yoakam’s souped-up renditions of honky-tonk classics, while “Long Way to Go” sounds ready-made for contemporary country radio without sounding slick and soulless. The title track, meanwhile, is an excellent example of the boundaries Yoakam is willing to blur.
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BOOK REVIEW: Charles Portis Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Charles Portis

Norwood Pratt is, like the author, an ex-Marine who fought in the Korean War, though he only “got in on the tail end of it.” After his father dies, Norwood is granted a hardship discharge and returns home to Ralph, Texas, to look after his sister Vernell, “a heavy, sleepy girl with bad posture.”
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REVIEW: The Billy Bob Tapes Thumbnail

REVIEW: The Billy Bob Tapes

Billy Bob Thornton’s evolution from the guy from Slingblade into a regular guy might be the most impressive achievement of his autobiography. It takes a lot for a poor scamp like myself to identify with and relate to a well-known millionaire.
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