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John Gosslee

John Gosslee puts twenty thousand miles a year on his motorcycle. Some of his favorite writers are Rumi, Edgar Allan Poe, and Khalil Gibran. He lives at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains and enjoys the springtime.

Articles by John Gosslee

POETRY REVIEW: Kelly Cherry Thumbnail


Hazard and Prospect reveals the inner working of a woman’s heart, from first love through disillusionment and profound loss. Cherry upholds the South and embraces family, displaying a feminine resilience and sporting a light, humorous touch.
Department: Reviews
POETRY REVIEW: Clifford Bernier Thumbnail

POETRY REVIEW: Clifford Bernier

Poet Clifford Bernier’s first book won the Gival Press Poetry Award, landing $1,000 in his pocket. The idea for the musical parts of The Silent Art came to Bernier while he was sitting on stage after a weekly open mic he hosted that featured a lot of improvisational music: his book is the jazz-music experience in poetry.

Department: Reviews
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