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Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert is a freelance editor and writer. His short fiction has been anthologized in such places as Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe and Climbing Mount Cheaha: Emerging Alabama Writers, and his rambling book reviews and literary essays appear periodically in the Mobile Register. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama, with his wife Jaime and their daughter Audrey.

Articles by Jim Gilbert

LOOKING BACK: The Tuscaloosa Tornado Thumbnail

LOOKING BACK: The Tuscaloosa Tornado

Sometime around 6:45 p.m. that Wednesday evening, I received a single-word text message: Homeless. My fiancée Jaime had, for the better part of an hour, been picking her way south through Tuscaloosa, toward the Charleston Square apartment complex, her home for the previous two years while attending the University of Alabama School of Law. I was in Montgomery, awaiting word, barely breathing. For those of us uninterested in listening to the “fast busy signal,” the cell networks were useless, and only intermittent texts were getting through.


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