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Timothy C. Davis

Timothy C. Davis's publication credits include pieces for, SAVEUR, GASTRONOMICA, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, NO DEPRESSION, and MOTHER JONES. He co-wrote THE SOUTHERN FOODWAYS ALLIANCE COMMUNITY COOKBOOK, and is working on a book cataloguing the evolution of Southern food. Things that make him happy include Eastern North Carolina-style barbecue, Earth, Wind & Fire, and his cat, Biscuit. He lives in Nashville and figures he is probably more interesting than his bio might indicate. 

Articles by Timothy C. Davis

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These titles suggest a terrain (and later a terroir) that has much more aqueous awesomeness underneath the prickly-peared surface. Further expeditions were to come—this is merely a gringo’s guide to what lay ahead. (“THE Unchained Melody,” furthermore, is genius.)
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